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The African Diaspora Forum (ADF)Women League’s vision is to be the voice of women empowerment, emancipation, integration for migrants and South African Citizens .
 To foster a society whereby an African woman is able to lead developmental initiative within a global context. Our strategy being partnership and collaboration with likeminded institutes.
Ø  To advocate for migrant  and South African women's  emancipation in South Africa
Ø  To act as the voice of migrant and South African women inquiries relating to service delivery.
Ø  To assist vulnerable migrant and South African youths.
Ø  To alleviate gender inequality and human rights challenges.
Ø  To foster women participation in development initiatives.
Ø   Educational workshops on women and children’s rights.
Ø  Collaborative workshops between migrant and local women in business and in leadership.
Ø  Capacity building workshops and activities.
Ø  Participate and contribute in charity activities.
Ø  Dialogue with the government institutes.
Ø  To participate in policy related debates
For one to be a member she has to fill in the membership form which is free of charge
Online registration is available on our website :  and or speak to Ms Banda Tel. +27114870269/ +27114871430
Our membership is divided into 2 categories:
Ø  As an individual.

Ø  As an organisation.

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